When doing timetrials with both the swimming club and the swim squad, you’re given the times you have achieved. In training, you’re not usually going to be told what times you’ve done, you’ll just be told what time you should be going on.
Which is why it’s important to know how the pace clock works.


Coaches usually set swimmers off on the red/black 60 or red/black 30. It is important to remember what colour they’ve set you off on, as that is how you’re going to work your time out from the clock.
Remember, every number is 5 seconds apart, so try to remember the number and colour you started on and which one you finished on, it’s easier to work out your time from there.

For example: Start on RED 60 – finish on RED 50 = what time have you just done? (Use the clock above to help you)

Think about how long it takes you to do 1 length (25m) =
How long would it take you to do 2 lengths (50m) =
Next, how long would it take you to do 4 lengths (100m) of your favourite stroke? =

The minutes are not important, what is important is what colour hand you started on, then look for the same colour hand when you finish, what time have you got?

Use the clock above, have a go. If you get stuck, ask your mum, dad or family member to help you, they will explain it a bit more to help you understand.

I would much rather you have a go at figuring out what time you have done, rather than shrug your shoulders and say ‘I don’t know!’.