Percy Mason Level 3 meet

This Level 3 competition will take place at Orford Jubilee, Warrington on Saturday 1st December afternoon/evening, and all day Sunday 2nd December, (times to be confirmed once entry numbers are confirmed). Entry details for this [...]

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Gala’s Galore

Save the's your latest Gala line up We have a massive start to the season coming up with The Greater Manchester meet on its way shortly followed by numerous other gala's leading up to [...]

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Time Trials Submitted Entries

Entries received from the following swimmers. Time Trials Submitted Entries Millie Webber Ben Trill Sophie Smithers James Smithers Sophie Porter Lauren Watson Isabel Lloyd Ben Syner Eva Knox Kaci Smalley KAITLYN LYON Ella Wadsworth Daniel [...]

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Nights Are Drawing In

As the nights are drawing in, please can I remind parents/guardians that it is your responsibility to drop off and pick your swimmers up before and after every training session. You're also reminded that children [...]

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