One of the areas that parents and swimmers need to be aware of is how competitive swimming is operated within Wigan Borough. On the links below you will see how Wigan Swimming Club in partnership with Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust have mapped out the route and training that is required to achieve success. You will also see a link to the Long Term Athletes Development as well as a White paper showing the other side of Long Term Athlete Development. The club supports Long Term Athlete Development but also take into account the views within the White paper.

Wigan Swimming Club operates as a community club and works towards coaching swimmers to the standard to enter the WLCT Swim Squad. The squad is separate to the club but we support the principles of  it and the pathway that it gives for higher achieving swimmers from the Borough. The club is mindful that swimmers enter the squad at the correct stage of their development as too early leads to early fall off and too late the swimmer is always playing catch up.

Parents/swimmers should liaise with club coaches to discuss the pathway they should be taking and the relevant times to enter the squad.

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