Percy Mason swim cap

Hello, The Warriors of Warrington swim club who run the Percy Mason gala have held a competition within there club to design a special swim cap for the 2018 Percy Mason Gala. If you are [...]

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Distance Gala

Early next year will see another Distance Gala, The aim of this meet is to give swimmers the opportunity to post a time on the ASA rankings and is open to any swimmer who is [...]

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Wigan Development Gala

The Wigan Development is set to return early in the new year!!! This is an ideal entry level gala for any of our younger or newer members who are interested in entering a competition. This [...]

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Club Championship Confirmed Entries 2018

Thank you for entering the Club Championships this year. The entries have now been confirmed, these can be found below. Wigan_Swimming_Club_Championships_2018_Entries If there's any problems with any of the entries, please email Rick ASAP as [...]

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Percy Mason accepted entries

Please find attached the accepted entries and warm up schedule for the upcoming Percy Mason Gala on 1st-2nd Dec at Warrington Orford Jubilee. Any questions please email us on

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