Greater Manchester Autumn Meet 2018

Greater Manchester Autumn Meet 2018  We are excited to announce the Three associations are hosting a joint autumn meet 2018. It will be held at The Wigan Life Centre over the weekends of Saturday & [...]

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Wigan Starter Meet 2018

Just over a week until the annual Wigan Starter Meet 2018, the accepted entries can be found below, please can you check through this carefully, if you have any issues please contact me via [...]

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Wigan Long Distance Event

The aim of this meet is to give swimmers the opportunity to post a time on the ASA rankings and is open to any swimmer who is a member of one the Wigan Community Swimming [...]

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Wigan Development Gala

An ideal entry level gala for any of our younger or newer members who are interested in entering a competition. If you are unsure about entering or have any questions please speak to one of [...]

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