If you are interested in joining Wigan Swimming Club (Wasps) the coaching staff and committee would like you to consider these few points:

  • If you have achieved the minimum of Stage 6 upwards of the Amateur Swimming Associations National Plan for Teaching Swimming:
Stage 6 – Developing effective swimming skills – including coordinated breathing – across all strokes is the focus of this stage. Learners also have to swim a distance of 25 metres using a stroke of the swimmer’s choice. Children also learn about aspects of water safety and about preparing properly for exercise.

Stage 7 – During this stage, children develop quality stroke techniques up to 100 metres incorporating the skills they have learned, and combine them to develop a linked routine. They also complete successfully an obstacle course that combines a variety of skills accomplished through stages 1-7.

  • If you can swim 50m (2 lengths) of Frontcrawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke of good standard and technique and have an understanding of Butterfly.


Please feel free to contact the club if you have any questions: info@wiganswimmingclub.org.uk. Or if you would like anymore information on the ASA or NPTS please click here.

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