Wigan Swimming Club (Wasps) works to the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model that the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) has laid down for all aquatic disciplines.

Within the LTAD journey there are five strands, we cater for two of those five strands:

  • SwimSkills – Late Childhood (Building technique)
  • Training to Train – Adolescence (Building the engine)

We, as a club take swimmers from Wigan Leisure and Culture Trusts (WLCT) Learn to Swim programme from Stage 6 upwards and start them on their swimming journey whether it be swimming for fitness and enjoyment or competing Regionally, Nationally or Internationally.

We also have a successful partnership with Wigan Swim Scheme of Excellence to take swimmers onto the next two stages of LTAD:

  • Training to Compete – Early Adulthood (Optimising the engine)
  • Training to Win – Adulthood (Maximising the engine)

For more information on Long Term Athlete Development or the ASA please follow this link.

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