Distance Gala

Early next year will see another Distance Gala, The aim of this meet is to give swimmers the opportunity to post a time on the ASA rankings and is open to any swimmer who is [...]

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Wigan Development Gala

The Wigan Development is set to return early in the new year!!! This is an ideal entry level gala for any of our younger or newer members who are interested in entering a competition. This [...]

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Club Kit Christmas Orders

Now November is upon us make sure to get your Christmas orders in for club kit. Stock is limited so order soon to avoid disappointment. Click here for more details. There are exciting new lines [...]

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Training Session Disruption

Over the next few weeks there are a few training sessions that are disupted due to events. Please add these dates to your diary or sync the club calendar to your phone: 2018 - Friday [...]

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Awards night raffle

We will be having a raffle this coming Friday at the presentation evening. We would be grateful for any donations of chocolate, wine, candles, toiletries, new toys or whatever you think would make a great [...]

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50m Training Reminder

50m Training will take place on Saturday 10th November, 2018 at the Liverpool Aquatics Centre for Group 2. Please follow this link, which will take you to the original post. Could everyone in Group 2 [...]

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