As you are hopefully well aware our Starter Meet is being held over the 22nd/23rd June. As a community club we need all the help we can with raising funds for the club to make sure it continues to run as successfully as it does.

The Starter Meet is our biggest fundraising event and to help it raise those much needed funds, we need your help as parents to find generous companies and business owners to sponsor the races (events) at the Starter Meet. The cost of sponsoring one event will be just £50 but that will get the sponsoring company their logo in the programme, as well as on the results website and a mention at the Starter Meet itself. If any interested sponsors can be directed towards the sign up page linked below (,  you can sign up on their behalf if needed or you can pass their details onto the club and we can then organise everything with them.

There are only 28 spaces available so please have a think, spread the word and see if you can help the club out please. Any help with this would be massively appreciated.

Sponsor the Starter Meet

As well as gathering sponsors, we also need the meet to run as smoothly as possible, for this to happen we need help from parents who can volunteer their time to make the event run well. Below you will find a link to the helpers page. This will give you a list of jobs we need help with. These jobs include qualified timekeepers (J1 trainee as minimum) handing out medals, placing the results up around the pool, helping out on the entrance desk and many more, please select as many jobs as you would feel comfortable doing, we can then allocate jobs out for every session. You have the option of just committing to one session (half a day) or as many as you like, maybe the whole weekend. As a committee over the last few months we have seen more and more parents put their hand up to help and hopefully this can continue at the Starter Meet. It’s lots of fun and nothing too complicated. So please follow the link and even if it’s just half a day every little helps.

Volunteer To Help