Our Starter Meet is fast approaching, here’s some information that ALL Wigan Swimming Club (WASPS) parents and swimmers MUST be aware of:

 – There will be NO swim down pool available over the weekend.

ALL Wigan Swimming Club (WASPS) swimmers will be expected on poolside by the Coaching Team 10 minutes BEFORE the stated warm up times, found here. Anyone turning up just for their race, without a warm up will be expected to do their own poolside based warm up, so please make a note of the warm up times for each session your child is due to swim in.
If this document doesn’t open, the warm up times for both days are stated below:

Morning: 8:10am
Afternoon: 12:40pm (TBC)

– Please make sure ALL of your child’s belongings have their name CLEARLY written on in indelible ink, or sewn in.
Swimmers representing Wigan Swimming Club (WASPS) will be expected to wear club kit and a club hat (if one is worn usually), these can be purchased on this website in the members area. Alternatively, please give Club Kit an email if you have any questions regarding sizes etc.

– If swimmers are bringing mobile phones and other expensive equipment onto poolside, please be aware that they’re their responsibility, not the Coaching Teams.

– Swimmers will be allowed up to the viewing area and the balcony if there is a break between their races, please ensure that club t-shirts, shorts or tracksuit bottoms are worn, as well as flip flops, sliders or trainers when dryside. Any swimmers NOT wearing shoes or club kit over their swimming attire will not be allowed to leave poolside.

– Food is permitted on poolside to snack on whilst the gala is ongoing. Clearing up of food packaging and drinks bottles is YOUR swimmers responsibility. Please DO NOT send a whole tub of sweets onto poolside with your swimmer, otherwise the coaches will eat the lot 🙂

If you are competing in a number of heats or events over a day it is important to replenish used energy during this time. Consume small carbohydrate snacks to top up your energy levels and prevent fatigue in the later stages of competition. Also, ensure that you keep well hydrated throughout the day by consuming plenty of fluid. Some suitable carbohydrate snacks are:

  • Bananas
  • filled rolls or sandwiches
  • dried fruit (raisins, apricot)
  • crackers or crisp bread with jam
  • oatcakes
  • rice-cakes
  • fig bars
  • malt loaf
  • water or diluted fruit juice
  • low fat cereal or energy bars.


ALL Wigan Swimming Club (WASPS) confirmed entries are below in a PDF file.

Swim Fast and most importantly Have Fun 🙂
Wigan Swimming Club (WASPS) Coaches