This year we will be splitting the 50m training program into two groups and will take place at the usual venue of Manchester Aquatics Centre, over 2 hours 6:30pm till 8:30pm. The two groups will be split on ability based on performance at the time trails, please see the criteria below.

Long Course 1 (LC1) Long Course 2 (LC2)
24/05/2014Cost for all 4 sessions £20.00

Minimum Time 220

Target Time Range: 200 – 140

26/04/2014Cost for all 3 Sessions £16.00

Minimum Time: 260

Target Time Range: 240 – 180



1. There are a limited number of places available in each group.
2.No refunds will be given if sessions are not attended.
3.Priority will be given to those swimmers competing at county championships or other long curse swimming competitions.
4.Prority will also be given to those swimmers who do not already have access to 50m (long course) training.
5. Swimmers inside the target range will be considered first.
6.Application to both sessions are accepted and swimmers will be assigned to a group on a best fit basis, it is highly unlikely that there will be enough space for swimmer to take part in both groups.
7.Mix and match will not be allowed.

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