I know a lot members have been waiting for the new groups, I though it would be easy to lay it out like this. First of all I would like to say that these groups are provisional and we will only really know for sure who is where once everyone has signed up for their membership.

Why so many groups? Since moving to age groups two years ago, although making our mini leagues more competitive it left some swimmers with no sense of progression though the club. Splitting each group in half by time will give swimmers a target.

Why is Friday a Club session? Last year we reached maximum number of swimmer and then continued to grow this left us with over crowded lanes at some sessions which is not good for the swimmers. By Splitting the club across four days so every swimmers gets 3 swimmers increases the clubs capacity by 33.4%.

When will the new groups go in place? Once all the membership has been sorted, we look at rolling the new groups out, towards the end of October. New members will be invited to join the new development group at its new times.

I have some questions? Our membership secretary and committee members will be on hand for any membership questions.

Click here for the times of the new groups.

Lucy Parfitt
jamie armstrong
Vincent Quayle
Jakob Rotheram
Austin Murphy
alana hesketh
Emily Doxey
macy cunliffe
James Cleary
Isabel O’Grady
Ben Ritchie
Jordan Allard
Finnguala Davenport
Jacob Scott
Grace Livesey
Millie Lawless
Addison Beardsworth
Madeleine Commissiong
sophie kennedy
Eoin Davies
Leo Moran
Harriet Meakin
Chloe Shaw
Charley Schumacker
Holly Rooney
Matthew Pennington
Emily Davies
chloe burgess
Lauren Dobson
Daniel Walsh
ethan hardiman
Finley Littlefair
Jack Beveridge
james forshaw
April Kelly
Harry Brew


Junior Performance (2Lanes) Junior Development (2Lanes)
Sophie Lyon
ella walker
Anabel D’Souza
Cleo Murphy
millie wright
James Wallwork
Faye Bayman
Poppy Gorman
Megan Blackledge
Kian marjaei
Lauren O’Brien
Samuel Briscoe
Ayesha brocklehurst
Jake Partington
Charlotte Meakin
Maisie Wiseman
Olivia King
Katie Williams
Sophie Vernazza
Jessica Jones
Evan McEvoy
Matthew Rooney
Hazel Aspinall
Elica Corteen
Kieran Kinealy
Ellis Nickson
Amelia Murray
Molly O’Grady
Joseph Southern
ella newman
Rebecca Booth
Skye McMahon
Jenson Beentjes


Senior Performance (2Lanes) Senior Development (2Lanes)
Matthew Holliday
lauren jones
Robert Brew
Georgia Rose Taylor
George Walsh
Jasmine Gorman
Gemma Walls
Amy Swindells
Nathan Grant
chloe wright
Louise Callinan
Connor birch
Matthew O’Brien
Leanne Carey
Hannah Rotheram
Niamh Murray
Leah Derbyshire
Anna Wilson
Katie Bayman
Emily Hall
james cross
Matthew Silvester
Anna Hulme
John Hopkins
Charly-Dee Evans
Amy Duckworth
haydon derrick
Tadc Davenport
katie Evans
andrew atkinson
Veronica jasmin Hernandez Brito
Caitlin Booth
Tommie Jay Harte
Mio Okubo
Hayley Monaghan
Ellie Brown
Amy Molyneux
alex shone
Adam Hulme
Amy Smith
joye halliwell
George Speak
ethan havard
travis jackson
Aaron O’Grady
Alice Sandford