Congratulations to the following Wigan Swimming Club swimmers who have received their  invitations to compete at this years Summer Championships.

This is an amazing achievement reserved for only the fastest swimmers in the country.

The top 24 ranked swimmers in each event in each age group are invited to attend the British Summer Championship so a huge congratulations to Jennifer Green, Liam Carey and Kian Marjaei who have qualified in the following events:

Liam Carey – 100,200,400m freestyle 100,200m backstroke, 100m butterfly

Kian Marjaei – 50m freestyle

Jennifer Green – 200m breaststroke, 200, 400m IM

The next ranked swimmers at English affiliated clubs (or those who have chosen to be ranked as an English swimmer) are invited to compete at the English Nationals. Congratulations to Declan Hall, Jennifer Green, Liam Carey and Jake Dawber:

Liam Carey – 50m freestyle and 1500m freestyle

Jake Dawber – 400m freestyle

Declan Hall – 1500m freestyle

Jennifer Green – 400m freestyle 100m breaststroke

The top Welsh (by club or country of representation) will be invited to enter the Welsh Summer Championships. Congratulations to Charlie Collins who has been invited to compete in the following events:

Charlie Collins – 50,100,200m freestyle 50,100,200m backstroke, 50,100,200m butterfly 200,400m IM