Its that time of the year again when fee are due and we start to sort out who is swimming where. This year sees a big change for the club as we move to a new set of groups to help spread swimmers more evenly across the club sessions. First of all Friday is now to become a club session, this gives the club 4 sessions spread across. Each full swimming member will have access to three training sessions a week. This change brings us more inline with the structure of other top club in the northwest and will help our membership base access the training they require.

Our new membership starts from today, 1st October, which mean all members will have to re-register their membership online. You should of received a letter from our Membership Secretary (Janine King), if not you can view it here (Membership_Renewal_2013). This examples how our fees are structured for the 2013/14 season. Janine will be issuing slips with all the information you need to get registered online, from Wednesday.

Please find below all the information on the new groups, including a provisional document of the swimmers in each group, as number of swimmers joining as full members or squad members drastically changes the groups the document will be reviewed and the new groups will go in place from the end of October.

Dev – Development Group – 2 3/4 hours pool time
Prog- Progression Group – 2 3/4 hours pool time
JD – Junior Development – 3 1/2 hours pool time
JP – Junior Performance – 3 1/2 hours pool time
SD – Senior Development – 3 1/2 hours pool time
SP – Senior Performance – 3 1/2 hours pool time

For provisional groups please click here.