What an awesome start we have had to the new year with so many members, swimming so well in competitions, Swim Development Gala, Greater Manchester Meet. This year is already looking jam packed with swimming goodness, we have updated the calendar with the majority of galas, meets and events for the whole year. So please take a note of the dates in there. http://wiganswimmingclub.org.uk/calendar/

After many years we have now managed to acquire a 4th session at the Wigan Pool. A big thanks to Vicki and Trevor for working endlessly to get this. Our last session at Hindley will be the Friday 28th February the session will transfer to Wigan from March, DEV 7:30 till 8:15 PROG 8:15 till 9 SD 7:30 till 9:00.

The only other change is, as we now have over 50 members in the WLCT swim squad, Well Done Guys,  we need spread out a little Junior Development (JD) will now train on a Monday from 6:30pm till 8:00pm (1.5hrs) and Wednesday 6:30pm till 7:30pm (1hrs), as there are now a lot of 8, 9 and 10 year olds in the group now it will allow them to get home a little earlier. Any squad 1 swim members may stay as they are, but please speak to me first.

The groups will move for Monday, Wednesday and Friday week commencing 3rd March, Sunday’s ONLY will move effective immediately, Sunday 16th Feb, to relieve pressure on the first session caused by loosing 2 lanes at the beginning of the year.

William Littlefair
Lauren Hewitt
Lucy Parfitt
Olivia Duncan
Katie Molyneux
Summer Moran
Riley Dickinson
Grace Rooney
Molly Spruce
Jakob Rotheram
Lily Lamb-Piercy
Austin Murphy
Emily Doxey
James Cleary
Connor Fletcher
Isabel OGrady
Madeleine Commissiong
Eliza McMurray
Millie Lawless
Johnny Gee
Rachel Knowles
grace livesey
Jacob Scott
Mikolaj Maziarski
Harriet Meakin
Jordan Allard
emily edwards
sophie kennedy
matthew pennington
Leo Moran
Chloe Shaw
Addison Beardsworth


Junior Performance (2Lanes) Junior Development (2Lanes)
Ella Walker
Elica Corteen
Ellis Nickson
Ella Newman
Jenson Beentjes
Millie Wright
Rebecca Booth
joe southern
Lucy Irvine
Megan Blackledge
Sophie Marie lyon
Cleo Murphy
Charlotte Edwards
Matthew Rooney
Faye Bayman
kian marjaei
Jake Partington
Samuel Briscoe
ayesha brocklehurst
Maisie Wiseman
Charlotte Meakin
Olivia King
Jennifer Green
Zoe Holliday
Daniel Walsh
Finley Littlefair
Lauren Dobson
April Kelly
Chloe Burgess
Evan McEvoy
Giorgia Stuart
Harry Brew
Sophie Vernazza
Molly OGrady
Jessica Jones
Amelia Murray
hazel aspinall
Holly Rooney


Senior Performance (2/3Lanes) Senior Development (2Lanes)
Joye Halliwell
Robert Brew
Aaron OGrady
Georgia Taylor
Lauren Jones
George Speak
Dade Whittle-McEvoy
Gemma Walls
Louise Callinan
Nathan Grant
Connor Birch
Chloe Wright
Matthew Holliday
Amy Swindells
George Walsh
Leanne Carey
Leah Derbyshire
Hannah Rotheram
Katie Bayman
Anna Wilson
Charlydee Evans
Matthew Gee
Katie evans
Andrew Atkinson
Veronica Hernandez Brito
Haydon Derrick
John Hopkins
Earl Grant
Tommie Harte
hayley monaghan
alex shone
amy smith
Mio Charles Okubo