Good morning below are the details we have received regarding the warm-up times for the upcoming Greater Manchester Meet. The warm-up and racing start times are exactly the same for both weekends.

Morning Warm-up Start time 8.30am
Morning Race Start time 9.30am

Afternoon warm-up start time 12.30pm
Afternoon Race start time 1.30pm

Please remember that the clocks will go forward during the second weekend of the gala.

Please can you make sure that swimmers are on poolside around 15 minutes before the warm up starts, so they are ready and prepared for the start of warm up.

If you wish to withdraw from an event you must telephone or text Alison Fletcheron 07866 480604 giving full information: -swimmers name, event number, distance and stroke, and competitor number. Please do not email or text coaches to withdraw your swimmer.

As always when swimming in a gala and representing Wigan swimming club could you please make sure that a Wigan swimming club hat and t-shirt is worn around the pool please.

If you have any questions please get in touch at

Good luck to everyone taking part.

Lee and Leigh