Club Photo 2014 – Walk on Water

As it has been a few years since we have had a club photo this weekend after the Channel Challenge, at 4:00pm we going to have full club photo, we urge all member, even if they are not taking part in the channel challenge (details here)  to get down to the pool. It is really important that all swimmers, coaches, team manager, etc make the up most effort to be present, the photo itself will not take long.

The photo will be taken by a professional company and prints will be available on the day priced at £8.00 for a 6×9 print. The photo is also to be used in up and coming publicity for club and pool company, all members should wear club hats and t-shirts if you have an extra kit please bring it on the day in case someone forgets theirs. Members wanting kit should contact the committee.

Here comes the exciting bit….. the photo will take place on pool floor, as it will be risen to just below the surface. Members will then be situated on the floor in height order 10 at a time. All out doors shoes must be removed before entering the pool hall.


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