Intermediate League 2014 – Sunday 6th April

First Round and home round lets get everyone on board and show them what Wigan is made of, we have 2 home fixtures and 2 away please see below for info.

Sunday 6th April – Warm up 1:15pm – Wigan Life Centre Pool

Please let me know ASAP
Captains are Declan Hall and Emily Hall well done guys 🙂
Boys Girls
James Wallwork
Matthew Rooney
Kian Marjaei
Samuel Briscoe
Jake Partington
Matthew Holiday
James Cross
Matthew Silvester
Harley Beentjes
Declan Hall
Charlotte Edwards
Ayesha Brocklehurst
Jennifer Green
Olivia King
Niamh   Murray
Ellie Molyneux
Melissa Braddock
Anna Hulme
Grace Taylor
Anna Wilson
Emily Hall

Round 2 – Tuesday 24th June 8:00pm at Crompton

Round 3 – Friday 12th September 7:00pm at Wigan

Round 4 – Monday 22nd September 7:30pm at Chadderton

Please make sure that club hats and t-shirts are worn.

Teamsheet subject to change.



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