This Meet takes place over 3 weekends at the Manchester Aquatics Centre. Below are all the attachments and information you need to enter the Meet.

Members of Wigan Best should enter directly with Wigan Best.

Any club swimmer who is not a member of Wigan Best can enter through Wigan Swimming Club as long as they have achieved the necessary qualifying times at a licensed Meet between the 1st March 2019 and 5th January 2020.

Below you will find attachments including an entry form, qualifying times, schedule of events, and the promoter’s terms and conditions. Please ensure you read all of the promoter’s terms and conditions and make sure that any entries meet the qualifying criteria.

As always if you have any questions please email

The closing date for this Meet is the 5th January 2020. This is leaving the entry window open as long as we possibly can. DUE TO THIS NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE FOR ANY REASON.

To enter this Meet you can pay by cash, cheque, or BACS. Please make sure you write on top of your entry form how you are paying for the Meet. If you are paying by cash or cheque please place these in a sealed envelope with entry form and make sure the swimmer’s name is written on the front. If paying by BACS please send the money across to the club’s account before handing the form in. If possible please write the date on top of the entry form when you paid the money into the bank. No entry will be added to the system until payment has been verified.

Finally you can hand your entry form to Michelle on poolside or to Lee/Leigh Cutter. If this is not possible you can email it to us at the email address above.